Window Treatment Ideas for the Living Room

Window Treatment Ideas for the Living Room

Window treatment ideas for the living room include many options like a custom valence to add depth and texture to your window. There are designs that offer a classic combination of draperies and sheers for a more formal touch or contemporary cellular shades and draperies for window treatments that can help you save money and energy.


Create a cornice board to span the width of your living room window and hang draperies beneath for a classic window treatment. You can make your own cornice board from hardwood panels and decorate the front edge with a jigsaw. Build the cornice as if you were building a box; the face and the top are equal and connected at a 90 degree angle with two side panel enclosures. Scallop or scroll the bottom rim of the front facing panel with a jigsaw for added design. Hang the drapery rod beneath the cornice with simple, straight line drapes that can open for light and close when you need privacy.

Drapes & Sheers

Hang drapes and sheers if you have a formal living room. You'll need two curtain rods, one behind the other or one double curtain rod. Hang the sheers first, behind the draperies as they will be stationary. Select draperies to coordinate with the colors in your living room and your sheers to coordinate with the draperies. Sheers are attractive, but they provide minimum privacy, so make sure you have enough room between the rods to open and close the draperies as needed.

Cellular Shades & Drapes

Combine drapes with cellular shades for a modern and energy efficient option for the window treatments in your living room. Cellular shades are stylish and eco-friendly as they add a layer of insulation to the windows in your home. The honeycomb construction of cellular shades increases energy efficiency depending on the amount of cells you select and on the size of the pleats. Cellular shades offer light filtration levels from minimum to blackout, so you can customize the style you need in your living room. Hang the drapes in front of the shades for added design interest, just the way you would hang drapes with other types of shades.

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